One million downloads, one million thanks

It feels great to build a Drupal tool that has achieved more than 1 million downloads and helps people from different places around the world to create, build and deploy Drupal applications. It's been quite a journey, which took almost four years and required a lot of time and effort. It’s only fitting that I walk you through my Drupal Console journey.

I hope that taking you through my experience working on the Drupal Console will motivate you become part of a project, collaborate or take the first step. So here are the most important milestones.

Executing Drupal Console commands on a project with DrupalVM using vagrant-exec plugin

In this post I will show you how to setup the vagrant-exec plugin and execute DrupalConsole or any other shell commands against the VM without the need to shh into the machine.

The DrupalConsole RC-1 release is close with a lot of changes.

To make the DrupalConsole project more modular and easy to maintain, we are decoupling into separated projects.

Farewell to my Friends From Work

I want to let you know, about the end of an era; after have been working as Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer for FFW (formerly Blink Reaction and Pro People) for more than two years. I decided to take a new path in my professional career.

The Drupal Console cheat sheet, a quick reference guide.

I published a quick reference guide (cheat sheet) for listing Drupal Console commands. The idea is to build an easy to use reference document, you can view it with modern desktop computer browser and mobile devices.

You can find this project at