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No training day for DrupalCon Latinamerica 2015 WTF

By Jesus Manuel Olivas ● Co-founder of Octahedroid and Blaze CMS | October 7th, 2014

Looking at the DrupalCon Latinamerica 2015 web site. I just find out no training day offered for the event which somehow is kinda disappointing, since even the local-community events have been offering a full free training day during several DrupalCamps. I can recall at least during this year DrupalCamp Mexico, DrupalCamp Costa Rica and DrupalCamp Centro América.

So I decided to send a tweet with my concern about this topic and did make sure I copy to the main players on the organization of this event: @drupalcon, @drupalconlatino and @DrupalAssoc. You can RT and Reply with your comment here or see my question:

Hi @drupalcon, why no training day for @drupalconlatino ?. A couple of free trainings may increase interest of attendance cc: @DrupalAssoc

— Jesus Manuel Olivas (@jmolivas) October 7, 2014

As you can see a reply was sent by Holly Ross @drupalhross this was the answer:

@jmolivas Sorry Jesus. We just don’t have the budget for it this time. @drupalcon @drupalconlatino @DrupalAssoc

— Holly Ross (@drupalhross) October 7, 2014

Sounds pretty valid right, without money there is not much the DA can do.

Looking at the program, the first day is almost free of activities other than Registration & Open Reception.

Monday - 9 February 2015
Registration Opens
Opening Reception

If the issue is related to budget, what can we do as a community to help and make a free full training day happen during the event ?.

How about take advantage of a few community members which already are spending their time & money in order to assist the event and asking if they are interested in provide free trainings for the attendees. I can bet that more than a few of us will be more than happy to propose a free training session.

Would not that be wonderful the Drupal community giving back to the community, is not that one of the main goals of this brotherhood.

I will put my effort and time where my mouth is and this is my training proposal for the event.

Full-day (6 to 8 hrs) free training proposals by the commmunity:

  • "Introduction to Symfony2 & Drupal 8" by David Flores & Jesus Manuel Olivas
  • "Views and Panels" by Jorge Ram & Joaquín Bravo (Axai)
  • "Drupal for designers", "Drupal site building for designers" or "Information Architecture for drupal" by Alberto Rojas (Manatí)
  • "Beginner and/or advanced Drupal" by Joeri Poesen (Code Enigma)
  • "Sass 101, from the ground up" by José David Leiva
  • "Test-Driven Drupal: TDD & BDD in Your Drupal Workflow" or "Community-Building in a Big, Diverse Open Source World" by Miguel Hernandez
  • "Best Practices for Building Drupal Sites on a Managed Platform: Git Magic, Continuous Integration, and Configuration in Code (CMI)" by Matt Cheney (Pantheon)
  • "Headless Drupal" by Omar Aguirre or Victor Kane
  • "The Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal" by Steve (ostraining)
  • "What is Drupal?" - Atenea
  • "Multilingual site building, alternatives available and best practices (for D7)" by Alberto Arancibia

Feel free to add a comment on this post either you think it is or not a good idea or any other concern this causes.

I will update the list based on the proposal if any is added as a comment.

NOTE: WTF stands for What The Failure ... yeah right.

We are sharing a document to control Trainings, Sponsors, Venues & Volunteers, feel free to add your name at any of the lists.

DrupalCon - Community Trainings spreadsheet

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