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Decoupled Days 2019

Jesus Manuel Olivas
July 15, 2019

Last week I had the chance to attend Decoupled Days at NYC. A conference focused on the future of headless, and decoupled CMS. It was great to meet people and learn from their experience using the CMS in different ways.

As usual, I spent more time making hall conversations than watching sessions. But I attended a couple of talks, and I got impressed with what I saw.

The sessions I attended

An introduction to TypeScript in Vue.js

By Christopher Bloom.

This session was about the benefits of writing strongly-typed JavaScript. Christopher did an excellent job, not only providing examples and explaining. He also did live code demos using CodeSandbox, which give him extra points. After attending this talk, I can tell you I am considering using type-script on upcoming projects.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Conquering the Editorial Experience with Slate.js in Drupal 8

By Ellie Strejlau and Brian Aznar.

This session was a showcase of a great Drupal decoupled site implementation the Major League Soccer website.

I was impressed with the SlateJS implementation shown in this session. I really like the implementation of custom JSX components and how they use the editor to mange non-structured data.

After watching this talk, I can see our teams using SlateJS with Drupal projects as a possibility.

The Future of Local Development on the JAMstack

By Matthias Biilmann.

I am a big fan of Netlify since I discovered and started using almost two years ago.

During the session, Matthias showed Netlify Dev CLI. The CLI allows you to run and serve your site locally and share it via your network, it also allows you to execute cloud functions from your local machine.

This tool looks like a great addition to anyone working with JAMstack projects and deploying to Netlify service.

Live Preview with Gatsby and Drupal

By Shane Thomas

This session included a live demo of the Drupal Gatsby Live Preview module. This module provides live preview capabilities in Gatsby of Drupal content creation and edition.

I got really excited about this module that I decided to add this feature to the contributed Boina Drupal distribution and Gatsby Boina theme. Starting now you can try Drupal with Gatsby including Live Preview by using those projects.

You can get both projects from their GitHub repositories:

And watch a demo of Boina projects Drupal + Gatsby Live preview feature in this video:

The sessions I presented

Blazing fast sites using Blaze, a Git-based CMS

It was my first time presenting this session. But not only that, but it was also my first time talking about "Blaze Hybrid CMS".

This session included a live demo of the latest current features and what people can expect for the early Beta of Blaze. For more information, you can subscribe to early-beta here https://blaze.moxiera.com/

Embracing the modern web using Drupal as a headless CMS with Gatsby

This session was an updated version of the one I presented at BADCamp last year, as well as at Drupal Camp New Jersey and Florida this year.

This session included a live demo of a Drupal + Gatsby integration. I am planning to keep updating this session. And if got accepted, I will be presenting this at BADCamp, but this time, including the instant preview shown at the event, and I mentioned below on this post.

NOTE: I will update this post as soon as videos got published on youtube.

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