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Creating a Blog in Drupal 8

By Jesus Manuel Olivas ● Co-founder of Octahedroid and Blaze CMS | February 18th, 2014

After have been flirting with Drupal 8 for a couple of months, you can take a look at some of the projects I have been part of here.

I finally decided to go ahead and migrate revamp my blog using the alpha 8 version.

Maybe a static site generator like Spress or a micro-framework like Silex could make much more sense based on the needs for this site, but here I am with my love-hate-love relation with Drupal.

I decided to start fresh without migrating the content of the previous version of my blog since most of the content starting now will be in English.

I am currently working on a "Drupal 8 - Screencasts" related to how:

  • Setting up a local environment for Drupal 8 using a Virtual Machine
  • Installing Drupal 8
  • Building modules for Drupal 8

Recording a screencast is really time-consuming, more that I thought. in the meantime, I am still working on the screencasts and for the purpose of this blog entry I wanted to share my experience of setting up a new Drupal 8 site and I will list the steps I follow to have this site up and running.

Downloading Drupal 8

As of writing this blog post the latest release of Drupal is 8.0-alpha8. In order to download, I used the following instruction.

$ cd /var/www/
$ git clone --branch 8.0.x http://git.drupal.org/project/drupal.git jmolivas.com​
view raw clone-drupal.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Downloading composer

$ curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php​
# Or if you don't have curl:
$ php -r "readfile('https://getcomposer.org/installer');" | php
view raw download-composer.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Access composer from anywhere on your system:

$ mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
view raw move-composer.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Downloading drush

$ cd /usr/share
$ sudo git clone --branch master https://github.com/drush-ops/drush.git ​
$ cd drush
$ composer install
view raw download-drush.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Access drush from anywhere on your system:

view raw symlink-drush.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Install Drupal 8

I will choose the standard installation to make drupal add the Page & Article content types and use drush si (site-install) command.

$ cd /var/www/jmolivas.com/
$ drush si standard --db-url=mysql://[db_user]:[db_pass]@localhost/[db_name] --site-name=[site_name] --account-name=[user_name] --account-pass=[user_pass] --account-mail=[user_mail]
view raw install-drupal.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Downloading FORMATA theme

Themes are now located at "themes" directory in the root and no longer at "/sites/all/themes"

$ cd /var/www/jmolivas.com/themes/
$ git clone https://github.com/zetagraph/formata.git ​
view raw clone-theme.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

In order to see your new downloaded theme on the /admin/appearance page the following command need to be executed:

$ drush cr (cache-rebuild)
view raw cache-rebuild.sh hosted with ❤ by GitHub

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