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BADCamp 2018 wrapup

By Jesus Manuel Olivas ● Co-founder of Octahedroid and Blaze CMS | November 7th, 2018

BADCamp 2018 wrapup

Last week I attended BADCamp and as usual, I can confirm firsthand that BADCamp keeps being a blast. I will mention some of the reasons why.

The Summits

I had a chance to attend DevOps and Front-end Summits half day each. During such summits, participants shared their experiences about the tools and techniques used regularly while working with clients. While at the DevOps Summit, it was great to hear that a lot of developers are interested in Kubernetes. Also, it was interesting to hear conversations about CI/CD workflows and the different tools used when building disposable instances per PR and deployments per branches which is something we are already working on in weKnow’s client projects.

The sessions

Confident to say that GatsbyJS stole the show. The event included three sessions about GatsbyJS back-to-back and people was eager to learn more about the buzzword:

Other recurrent and interesting topics mentioned on different sessions during the event:

  • Design systems and Pattern Lab.
  • The new Drupal Layout Builder.

My session

I had an opportunity to speak at the event. The title of my session was “How To Keep Drupal Relevant In The Git-based and API-driven CMS Era”. Yes, I was presenting one of the sessions related to GatsbyJS. Check out the slides here and feel free to watch the recording as well:

Feel free to ask any questions using the comment section of this blog post or via twitter mention me directly @jmolivas.

The party

As usual, BADCamp vibes were incredible and the party was great as the event itself and the weKnow team had an amazing time.


Thank you Platform.sh for sponsoring the event.

The after-party

Well, the first rule of the after-party is not to talk about the after-party. So next year jump into the bus at midnight and join the after-party (only if you want to have fun).

See you at BADCamp 2019 or maybe sooner at DrupalCamp Atlanta 2018

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