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2014: A Year of Contributions part deux

By Jesus Manuel Olivas ● Co-founder of Octahedroid and Blaze CMS | January 21st, 2015

You can read the first part one of this blog post at Blink Reaction blog site when it get released. For now you can read it at this blog at http://jmolivas.com/2014-a-year-of-contributions

This post was never think as two parts this just happened not sure why. Maybe the original one is taking too long to get published, and I saw and read the text too many times that I end up writing a second part.

2014 was a a year of changes and that was great for me. I started releasing code to an Open Source project the Drupal Console but what does that mean ?.

Releasing code to the public was hard for me. Everyone can see my code and they can see how bad I am as a developer and thus so they can see I suck. Well maybe I am just suffering from impostor syndrome or I am just a bad developer as I see my self.

Getting back in time I realize I did always suffer the same problem. I love music but I was never brave enough to create a band or record my songs, because I was always afraid to show what i created, just because people may said ... that sounds terrible.

The same happened to me related to release code, until one day I decide to contribute to and open source project. After a year I can see was not that bad, and at least some people think the project I am currently working at is useful.

Taking this experience as a catharsis. I decided to release some music this 2015 when and how not sure yet. But I think at some point between conferences and events this year I will invite friends, do some rehearsals, have fun and finally record a few song.

I am also planning to invite people contribute creating music remotly and I am currently looking for tools for remote music collaboration as https://www.ohmstudio.com and http://www.kompoz.com if you know any please let me know.

I just hope I am not as bad guitar player as a developer, but that will not stop me this time.

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