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Speeding up Drupal 8 development using Drupal Console

About David Flores

About Jesus Manuel Olivas

What is the Drupal Console?

The Drupal Console is an effort to bring The Symfony Console Component to Drupal 8.

The purpose of this project is to leverage the Symfony Console Component.

The Console is a CLI tool that automates the creation of Drupal 8 modules and other recurring tasks.

Who started this?

Jesús Manuel Olivas


David Flores ‏


But you can blame him

Why should you care about it?

Drupal learning curve

Drupal 8 learning curve

A lot of new concepts

A lot of code to write

A lot of directories & files

How does it help?

Out of the box

  • Generates module and info files.
  • Generates PSR-4 compliant directory structure for a module.
  • Registers routes on YML files and maps to controllers and forms in PHP Classes.
  • Creates classes adding namespaces, uses and also extends and implements keywords when required.
  • Supports adding services using Dependency Injection on class generation.

Other commands

  • Lists and shows configurations.
  • Lists registered services on the service container.
  • Lists registered routes on the routing system.
  • Rebuilds routing system cache.
  • Rebuilds site caches.

Who will benefit from using it?

Drupal Trainers & Consultors

Training developers on Drupal 8.

Module Maintainers & Developers

Creating contributed modules to Drupal 8.

Drupal Shops

Reducing development time for Drupal 8 projects.

There are similar projects

What are the differences?

  • Takes advantage of the Symfony Console Component.
  • Takes advantage of the Twig Component in order to generate PHP, YML and other files.
  • Takes advantage of OOP and modern development practices.
  • No plans to support previous versions of Drupal.

Where do I find the project?

Project Landing page


Do you have a Drupal user account?


Do you have a Github account?


How about docs and help?

Documentation book at:


Please RTFM and then ping us at:


How to download Console

Using the Installer

Install the Console locally by running the installer in your project directory:

$ curl -LSs http://drupalconsole.com/installer | php

Access console from anywhere on your system

$ mv console.phar /usr/local/bin/drupal

You can now execute console using:

$ drupal generate:module

Using Composer

You can use composer to install console globally using the following command:

$ composer global require drupal/console:@stable

Add the binary directory to your class path

$ echo "PATH=$PATH:~/.composer/vendor/bin" > ~/.bash_profile

You can now execute console using:

$ console

Download the phar file

You can download the latest version of Console from the repository releases page at:


Make sure you download the console.phar file from the most current release.

$ php console.phar

Using the installer

Updating the project

The easiest and recommended way of updating Console is using the self-update command.

Depending on the download method:

$ drupal self-update

$ console self-update

$ php console.phar self-update

Using the self-update command

Available Commands


 generate:authentication:provider   Generate an Authentication Provider
 generate:command                   Generate commands for the console.
 generate:controller                Generate & Register a controller
 generate:entity:config             Generate a new "EntityConfig"
 generate:entity:content            Generate a new "EntityContent"
 generate:form:config               Generate a new "ConfigFormBase"
 generate:module                    Generate a module.
 generate:plugin:block              Generate a plugin block
 generate:plugin:imageeffect        Generate image effect plugin.
 generate:plugin:rest:resource      Generate plugin rest resource
 generate:service                   Generate service

Using the generate:module command

Using the generate:service command

Using the generate:controller command

Using the generate:form:config command

Using the generate:plugin:block command

Using generate:plugin:rest:* commands

Presenter: Omar Aguirre
Tuesday: 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Room: Salon Auditorium - Just Digital


Using generate:entity:content command

Other commands

 drush                  Run drush from console.
 self-update            Update the console to latest version.
 cache:rebuild          Rebuild and clear all site caches.
 config:debug           Show the current configuration.
 container:debug        Displays current services for an application.
 migrate:debug          Display current migration available for the application
 migrate:execute        Execute a migration available for application
 module:debug           Display current modules available for application
 module:download        Install module or modules in the application
 module:install         Install module or modules in the application
 module:uninstall       Install module or modules in the application
 rest:debug             Display current rest resource for the application
 router:debug           Displays current routes for the application
 router:rebuild         Rebuild routes for the application

Using the --shell option

Using config:debug command

Using module:* commands

Using generate:command command

How to contribute

Contribute code


Contribute documentation



  • en: The Module name.
  • es: Nombre del módulo.
  • fr: Le Nom du Module.
  • pt: O nome do módulo.


Spread the word and love about it



Project Requirements


Getting the project

Fork your own copy of the Console repository


Get a copy of your cloned repository in your machine.

$ git clone git@github.com:[your-git-user-here]/DrupalAppConsole.git

Download dependencies via componser.

$ cd /path/to/DrupalAppConsole
$ composer update --no-dev


Join us at DrupalCon Sprints

We will be exchanging commits for stickers.


  • Keep in sync with Drupal releases Beta, RC, etc.
  • Improve translations.
  • Update documentation.
  • Fix issues.
  • Review issues & merge Pull Requests.
  • Verbose output focused on learning.

Questions & Feedback

Feel free to stalk us and ask any question during DrupalCon or ping us at:

@dmouse @jmolivas @drupalconsole

Presentation slides: